San Simeon California

In the shadow of Hearst Castle

San Simeon

San Simeon, CA

Coastal Adventure Recreation

Coastal kayakers enjoy “The Cove” and beyond, windsurfers favor Arroyo Laguna, as do kite surfers and board surfers. Historians enjoy Indian artifact hunting. Add ocean fishing, & Big Sur! This stretch of coastline if world renowned for some of the best beaches, best waves, best coastal hiking… The list goes on. San Simeon is more than Hearst Castle; a perfect location to watch boats come and go. Locals and visitors can avail themselves of kayak and equipment rentals and lessons. Acknowledged as the best way to get up close to marine wildlife; sea otters, seals, whales et. al. Bring your camera and expect to sometimes get wet 🙂

San Simeon California

It isn’t accurate to say that San Simeon would not exist if it were not for William Randolph Hearst. It is close however. Perhaps the most famous piece of Hearst real estate is La Cuesta Encantada; Spanish for The Enchanted Hill.. After the death of William Randolph Hearst in 1951, it was deeded to the State of California and is now a tourist attraction. Mr. Hearst’s fortune came from the publishing industry and with it he embarked upon a mission to create a US castle that would rival those found in Europe. Hearst Castle, officially known by the State of California as the Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument.

Photo: San Simeon Cove by Flash Alexander – HQ Secure Global Internet

Castle Party Time

Hearst Castle was the scene of many extravagant gatherings that included many of the rich and famous from Hollywood to national governments. Hundreds of legendary figures joined Mr. Hearst on La Cuesta Encantada. Most of the castle’s and grounds and architecture was designed by San Francisco architect Julia Morgan.


Prehistorically the local area was inhabited by the Chumash people, who settled the coastal San Luis Obispo area approximately 10,000 to 11,000 BC, including a large village south of San Simeon at Morro Creek. San Simeon is located on the Rancho Piedra Blanca Mexican land grant given in 1840 to José de Jesús Pico. In 1865, Pico sold part of the rancho to George Hearst, the father of William Randolph Hearst.

The first persons to settle in the immediate area near the bay of San Simeon were Portuguese shore whalers under the command of Captain Joseph Clark. They had previously been whaling at Portuguese Bend, but came to San Simeon Point in 1864 to homestead land that had been declared to be public. Captain Clark built a small wharf after arriving to tie up his dead whales, but the date of its construction remains unknown.

Central Coast Transportation

Central Coast Transportation

County bus service to San Luis Obispo. Monday through Saturday. No service to Hearst Castle. Amtrak, Airlines, Greyhound terminals and rental cars available in San Luis Obispo. Local Morro Bay Trolley to take you all over town including the water front.

Distance to major cities:
40 Miles to San Luis Obispo
165 miles to Santa Barbara
242 miles to San Francisco
258 miles to Los Angeles
271 Disneyland, Knox Berry Farm.

RTA Route 15 Central Coast Transit Information
Route 15 runs from San Luis Obispo to San Simeon 7 days a week. It also runs up to the Hearst Castle visitors center on Saturdays and Sundays. View »

Hearst Ranch Winery

Hearst Wine Tasting

Sebastian’s is also the gathering place to sample the wines of Hearst Ranch Winery. Local residents and visitors from all over the world savor the amazing Chardonnay, Rosé, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Late Harvest Zinfandel and our Red Cuvée, White Cuvée and Barrel Select Cuvée Blends in our quaint and inviting tasting room.

Historic remnants of the past alongside the inlaid copper bar top and rustic barn wood siding take you back to the turn-of-the-century when Old San Simeon Village was the center of rural commerce.

La Cuesta Encantada - Photo by Fietsbel

San Simeon Weather

Mild 50 to 70 average
No Smog – Seasonal fog
Rainfall normally 20″-25″
Some pollen Fall and Spring

Average Daily Temperature

» Winter :: Sunny days, clear nights
High 61, low 40

» Spring :: Breezy days, cool nights
High 63, low 48

» Summer :: Foggy mornings, sunny afternoons and nights
High 67, low 54

» Fall :: Warm, sunny days, cool nights
High 71, low 49

La Cuesta Encantada with Monument 640 - Photo: Fietsbel on Wikimedia